Take A Look At Our Helpful Moving Checklist!

Everything is possible if you plan ahead. This is why we, at Karen's Removals Ealing, offer you a short moving checklist to help you overcome all relocation hindrances that stand in your way. Just make sure to follow it all the way through and you'll be done before you know it! Should you experience any difficulties along the way, feel free to check our home page where you can ask for professional assistance. And if you wish to learn more about our list and how to successfully move house on your own, then keep on reading.

What Does Our Moving Checklist Involve?

Our short removals Ealing list consists of three simple things:

  • Pick the right services: Based on your needs, this could include rubbish removals, end of tenancy cleaning, and more;
  • Pack your possessions: Depending on what you're trying to move, you may need large boxes, wardrobe cartons, bubble wrap, or other materials;
  • Let people know that you've changed your address: Make sure to inform your bank and other institutions that you've changed your post code.

And that's all you'll need to do. Simple, right? To boost your motivation even further, you can split each step into smaller ones or reward yourself after each completed task.

To tick the first two items on your list, you'll first need to know when you'll move home. As soon as you find out, we recommend booking the following:

  • Removals service: Our rubbish removals will take care of any unneeded construction materials, garden waste, and heavy furniture by transporting them to the nearest recycling centre with a van of appropriate size;
  • Packing service: Our packing services will offer bubble wrap, large boxes, mattress covers and anything else to safely deliver your valuable or fragile items to your new home;
  • End of tenancy cleaning: If you don't want to spend your entire day trying to tidy up your rented place, then our end of tenancy cleaning option is the way to go. Your landlord isn't happy with the results? We'll immediately send the team for a free re-clean to secure your deposit!

A Few Final Steps to Consider

Now that you've chosen all the services you need and prepared your chattels for the long road ahead, it's time to let everyone know about your intentions. Cancel all ongoing subscriptions or forward them to your new address, inform your water & electricity companies of your relocation, bring your friends and family up to speed and invite them to help you out... Feeling like you've missed something? Go through your cleaning appointments again to check if they have all been confirmed. While you're at it, you can also include babysitting, pet sitting, and any other services that you think will come in handy.

At last, we've reached the final steps of your preparation! Here's what they entail:

  • Ensure that you've hired a reliable and sizeable van to safely transport your furniture, personal possessions, musical instruments, paintings, etc.;
  • Dispose of all perishable goods that you currently have in your fridge to avoid an awkward phone conversation with your landowner;
  • If you've got extra clothes or other possessions that you're willing to part with, consider giving them to charity;
  • Return your tenancy bond by opting for a guaranteed service, such as our end of tenancy cleaning.

That's about it – you're all set to leave!

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